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Interferon β and Glatiramer Acetate Are Clinically Similar, Says Cochrane Meta-Analysis

Interferon beta 1
A review of five head-to-head clinical trials suggests that interferon β and glatiramer acetate are clinically similar disease-modifying therapies with some differences in MRI outcomes that clinicians should consider
A recent review from the Cochrane Collaboration looked at the efficacy of interferons β and glatiramer acetate for...
Clinical Research

MS Patients Positive for Oligoclonal Bands Have Greater Brain Atrophy

OCB image section
A new global brain MRI study shows that patients who test positive for oligoclonal bands have greater loss of white matter than MS patients lacking those bands. The results of the study suggest that there may be reason to consider MS patients without oligoclonal bands to be a clinically distinct subgroup.
Patients lacking oligoclonal bands have less overall brain atrophy than those who...
Clinical Research


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