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Podcasts | 20 May 2016

Episode 82 with Dr. Adam Kaplin on depression & MS

Depression may be the leading cause of disability and death among people with MS. Importantly, it's one of the few MS symptoms that can—and should— be completely reversed through treatment, says Adam Kaplin MD PhD.

Podcasts | 15 May 2016

Episode 80 with Dr. Kaarina Kowalec on adverse MS drug reactions

Approximately 1 in 50 people with MS in British Columbia, Canada, developed drug-induced liver injury with about three months of exposure to interferon-beta IFN-β. The study of adverse drug reactions will help minimize or prevent the toxicity of MS drugs, a major clinical objective.

Podcasts | 11 May 2016

Episode 78 with Dr. Dessa Sadovnick on need for a pregnancy registry in MS

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is the most commonly acquired neurological disorder affecting young adults of reproductive age, but a German neurologist runs the only MS pregnancy registry in the world. A multidisciplinary group of clinicians are calling for a North American pregnancy registry to properly assess reproduction and child health, including the impact of disease modifying therapies and the MS disease itself on pregnancy outcome.

Podcasts | 8 May 2016

Episode 77 with Dr. Annette Langer-Gould on MS, pregnancy and breastfeeding

The few months after giving birth puts women with MS at higher risk of having a relapse. Resuming disease modifying therapies does not seem to help in the first six months postpartum, but breastfeeding exclusively may help, for surprising reasons. The biology is more complicated than first believed.

New Findings | 14 Apr 2016

Old Drug Performs New Trick

In what may be the first demonstration of myelin repair in people with multiple sclerosis, an old antihistamine shows modest improvement in the function of chronically demyelinated optic nerves.

Thanks in part to a close collaboration between a scientist and a physician, the prospect of...

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Tools that will help investigators conceive and perform experimental work:

  • The Data Visualization section presents MS-related data in new ways, making it easy for viewers to discover unexpected relationships
    Our latest data visualization presents a network map of the connections among 1253 authors of 263 research papers that reported results of clinical trials in progressive forms of multiple sclerosis between January 1983 and September 2015.

  • Drug-Development Pipeline consolidates key information about compounds under investigation for therapeutic use
  • Tissue Repositories lists features of the world's tissue repositories and brain banks, including rules of engagement and contact information
  • Animal Models summarizes the promises and pitfalls of animal models used in MS research
    We've added a detailed review of zebrafish as a model organism in MS research.

  • Clinical Trials lists sources of information about MS clinical trials

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