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Blogs | 2 Jul 2015

The Orion Conference: Turning Big Data Into Knowledge

A conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts, outlined progress and challenges in turning computational modeling into actionable knowledge in MS and other brain disorders

I’d like to tell you about a conference that Orion Bionetworks hosted at the...
New Findings | 21 May 2015

Gene Variant Associated with Non-Response to Interferon β

A variant of a gene called SLC9A9 appears significantly more often in people with MS who fail to respond to interferon β therapy

In a meta-analysis involving three independent cohorts of patients, researchers have identified a...
Essays and Opinions | 12 May 2015

Time to Rethink CIS Criteria

About 20% of patients do not meet the diagnostic criteria of clinically isolated syndrome (CIS) based on radiological and clinical evidence. Patients who do not fit the CIS diagnostic criteria may yet have oligoclonal bands distinct to CSF, increased IgG synthesis rate and IgG index and must be treated as if they carried a diagnosis of CIS.

It’s time to rethink the diagnostic criteria for clinically isolated syndrome. CIS is defined as...
Essays and Opinions | 30 Apr 2015

Refined Animal Model Led to Phenytoin Clinical Trial

An animal model that presents an alternative to EAE suggested a role for sodium channel blockers in neuroprotection. This led directly to a successful human trial of phenytoin, which was presented at last week’s AAN meeting.

In 2010, Professor David Baker was awarded an NC3Rs Project Grant to develop a...
Blogs | 18 Apr 2015

Survey Says

We surveyed our readers, and you gave us a few surprises

If you visited MSDF within the past few weeks, you may have been presented with a...
Blogs | 10 Apr 2015

How We Manage the Weekly List of MS Papers

Every Friday, MSDF editors use a curated PubMed search to link to every newly published MS-related paper. Here’s how we do it.

Each week, somewhere between 30 and 110 papers related to multiple sclerosis are...

Research Resources

Tools that will help investigators conceive and perform experimental work:

  • Tissue Repositories lists features of the world's tissue repositories and brain banks, including rules of engagement and contact information
  • MSGene provides a comprehensive, unbiased and regularly updated collection of genetic association studies performed on multiple sclerosis phenotypes
  • Animal Models summarizes the promises and pitfalls of animal models used in MS research
    We've added a detailed review of zebrafish as a model organism in MS research.

  • Clinical Trials lists sources of information about MS clinical trials

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References | 31 Jul 2015
Eur J Clin Invest. 2015 Jul 17. doi: 10.1111...
Discussions | 21 Jul 2015
 Thank you very much for sharing this...
Blogs | 24 Jun 2015
a PS could almost say getting exactly...

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