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News Briefs | 21 Oct 2014

No Causal Link Found Between Vaccines and MS

A large case-control study showed no causal link between current vaccines and the risk of MS or other CNS demyelinating disease, but there was a short-term increased risk in younger patients

A large nested case-control study, published October 20 in JAMA Neurology, showed no...
News Briefs | 17 Oct 2014

New Myelin Required to Learn a New Task

Researchers have discovered that oligodendrocytes play an active role in learning motor tasks. Rodents whose oligodendrocyte precursor cells were blocked from maturation were unable to acquire a novel motor skill.

When neuroscientists talk about the process of learning, they usually discuss...
News Briefs | 16 Oct 2014

MS Research Roundup: October 16, 2014

New Human Brain in a Dish; New MS Treatment Guidelines in U.K.; Science Funding Squeeze

Items of interest to multiple sclerosis researchers from around the Web...
News Synthesis | 16 Oct 2014

Some Astrocytes Appear to Promote Progressive MS

Researchers have identified a key enzyme in astrocytes that turns on during the progressive stage of multiple sclerosis, apparently boosting the local immune response and promoting neurodegeneration. The team is following up by testing a repurposed drug that targets the enzyme in mice and human cells.

In the brain and spinal cord, neurons are the undisputed heads of state, the...
New Findings | 14 Oct 2014

“Long Life” Protein Klotho Powers Remyelination in Mice

Klotho is known to play a role in a number of age-related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. New research suggests that a small molecule that boosts production of this protein may enhance maturation of OPCs into myelin-producing cells.

According to Greek myth, Clotho was the youngest of the three Morai, the trio of fates responsible for...

Research Resources

Tools that will help investigators conceive and perform experimental work:

  • Tissue Repositories lists features of the world's tissue repositories and brain banks, including rules of engagement and contact information
  • MSGene provides a comprehensive, unbiased and regularly updated collection of genetic association studies performed on multiple sclerosis phenotypes
  • Animal Models summarizes the promises and pitfalls of animal models used in MS research
    We've added a detailed review of zebrafish as a model organism in MS research.

  • Clinical Trials lists sources of information about MS clinical trials

Professional Resources


Discussions | 22 Oct 2013

Evoked potential test

I'm interested in everything related to Evoked Potential  testing

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Discussions | 13 Oct 2014
While I know that reducing relapse rates...
News Synthesis | 6 Oct 2014
Diagnosed with ms in 1995, AFTER giving birth in...
News Briefs | 3 Oct 2014
The results of the Phase II RADIANCE trial offer...

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