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News Briefs | 21 Aug 2014

MS Research Roundup: August 21, 2014

MS Therapeutics Consensus Paper; Dusting Off Old Drugs; Countdown to ACTRIM-ECTRIMS in Boston; Warming Up to the Ice Bucket Challenge

Items of interest to multiple sclerosis researchers from around the Web...
New Findings | 19 Aug 2014

Peripheral B Cell Activation May Drive CNS Autoimmunity in MS

Two studies show that memory B cells actively traffic between peripheral lymphoid tissue and the CNS, thereby shedding light on the mechanisms of some current MS therapies and suggesting future avenues for therapeutic development

Pathological B lymphocytes are most likely activated in the periphery in patients with multiple sclerosis and then...
News Briefs | 18 Aug 2014

MS Research Roundup: August 18, 2014

U.S. Plegridy Approval; Red Blood Cells to Deliver Drugs; Corruption and Unproven MS Supplement; Anxiety of Multiple Sclerosis

Items of interest to multiple sclerosis researchers from around the Web...

Research Resources

Tools that will help investigators conceive and perform experimental work:

  • Tissue Repositories lists features of the world's tissue repositories and brain banks, including rules of engagement and contact information
  • MSGene provides a comprehensive, unbiased and regularly updated collection of genetic association studies performed on multiple sclerosis phenotypes
  • Animal Models summarizes the promises and pitfalls of animal models used in MS research
    We added a detailed review of the cuprizone mouse model of MS.

  • Clinical Trials lists sources of information about MS clinical trials

Professional Resources


Discussions | 22 Oct 2013

Evoked potential test

I'm interested in everything related to Evoked Potential  testing

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New Findings | 9 Aug 2014
It would be interesting to see whether the MS-...
News Briefs | 8 Aug 2014
This is a Cochrane review and they don’t...
News Briefs | 1 Aug 2014
Barbara Giesser, M.D., UCLA Though these...

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