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News & Future Directions

New Findings | 15 Dec 2014

Azathioprine: Old Drug, New Data

Azathioprine may be as effective as interferon β in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis, a noninferiority trial suggests

Call it That ’80s Drug. Azathioprine (Immuran and others), a generic immunosuppressant, has been used...
News Briefs | 12 Dec 2014

MS Research Roundup: December 12, 2014

The MS Blockbuster That Got Away; Playing Hardball With High-Priced Drugs; The Story of Gluten Intolerance

Items of interest to multiple sclerosis researchers from around the Web...
News Briefs | 5 Dec 2014

The Power of Positive Thinking

A recent meta-analysis suggests that treating some of the psychological complications of multiple sclerosis may have a positive effect on physical symptoms as well

Multiple sclerosis is a disease that eats away not only at a person’s physical capabilities, but also...

Research Resources

Tools that will help investigators conceive and perform experimental work:

  • The Data Visualization section presents MS-related data in new ways, making it easy for viewers to discover unexpected relationships
    Our latest visualization details the design of 88 clinical trials with magnetic resonance imaging reports published between 1993 and 2014. It makes it easy to see which of five key measurements were reported in each trial and when during the course of that trial those measurements were made.

  • Drug-Development Pipeline consolidates key information about compounds under investigation for therapeutic use
    We've added two new trials, updated information on two other trials, and added 16 other pieces of information. The drugs with important additions and changes are daclizumab, dimethyl fumarate, fingolimod, GNbAC1, natalizumab, and teriflunomide.
  • Tissue Repositories lists features of the world's tissue repositories and brain banks, including rules of engagement and contact information
  • MSGene provides a comprehensive, unbiased and regularly updated collection of genetic association studies performed on multiple sclerosis phenotypes
  • Animal Models summarizes the promises and pitfalls of animal models used in MS research
    We've added a detailed review of zebrafish as a model organism in MS research.

  • Clinical Trials lists sources of information about MS clinical trials

Professional Resources


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News Briefs | 12 Dec 2014
 It is well documented that impaired axonal...
News Briefs | 5 Dec 2014
There’s a lot to depression and MS. One...
News Briefs | 3 Dec 2014
Despite being one of those possibly dangerous...

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