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The Power of Positive Thinking

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A recent meta-analysis suggests that treating some of the psychological complications of multiple sclerosis may have a positive effect on physical symptoms as well
Multiple sclerosis is a disease that eats away not only at a person’s physical capabilities, but also...
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MRI Education May Benefit MSers

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People with MS often feel anxious about MRIs and frequently lack basic knowledge of this diagnostic procedure. Is an education program that creates “expert patients” the answer?
Persons with multiple sclerosis often feel stressed while in the magnetic resonance imaging scanner and then...
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Dorsiflexion Assist Orthosis Helps MSers Walk

The Foot-Up dorsiflexion assist orthosis
Researchers in Australia recently tested the dorsiflexion assist orthosis, better known as the Foot-Up, in a randomized crossover trial. They found that the device helped improve strength and reduce the physiological cost of walking, but that patients still felt as fatigued as they did without the device.
Progressive physical disability is a grim reality for people living with...
Clinical Research

DMT Discontinuation Review Stirs MS Research Community

Daniel Kantor
The U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) recently released a draft review on the evidence on discontinuation of disease-modifying therapies. Shocked by the apparent lack of expertise in the first draft, MS researchers and advocacy groups sent in a wave of comments chastising the AHRQ for the perceived shoddiness of the report.
A draft review of the evidence surrounding discontinuation of disease-modifying therapies has sparked...
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