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Neuromyelitis Optica, Part 2: Pathogenesis

NMO Fig 1
Now that we’ve seen how researchers came to the conclusion that NMO differs from MS, let’s take a closer look at the current understanding of its pathogenesis
About three-quarters of NMO patients have the aquaporin-4 antibody, a number that has been steadily...
Clinical Research, Drug Development, Laboratory Research, People

Debate: Do Physicians Rate the Risk of Disabling MS Less Than the Risk of Effective Treatment?

Christoph Heesen
MS prescribing depends on balancing benefit against hard-to-assess risk. At the recent World Congress of Neurology in Vienna, two experts in MS debated whether physicians rate the risk of disabling MS less than the risk of effective treatment. The debate centered on how clinicians and patients perceive risk and how decision-making must be done collaboratively.
How much risk is appropriate in the treatment of multiple sclerosis? For that matter, which risks should we focus on...

The Oligodendrocyte Whisperer

Valentina Fossati
A young researcher’s quest to develop new ways of studying neurodegeneration might yield insights that will benefit MS patients, herself among them
In a darkened room in a fifth-floor Manhattan lab, Valentina Fossati shows off the fruits...


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