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Time to Rethink CIS Criteria

Jagan Avasarala
It’s time to rethink the diagnostic criteria for clinically isolated syndrome. CIS is defined as...
About 20% of patients do not meet the diagnostic criteria of clinically isolated syndrome (CIS) based on radiological and clinical evidence. Patients who do not fit the CIS diagnostic criteria may yet have oligoclonal bands distinct to CSF, increased IgG synthesis rate and IgG index and must be treated as if they carried a diagnosis of CIS.
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Refined Animal Model Led to Phenytoin Clinical Trial

Katie Lidster
In 2010, Professor David Baker was awarded an NC3Rs Project Grant to develop a...
An animal model that presents an alternative to EAE suggested a role for sodium channel blockers in neuroprotection. This led directly to a successful human trial of phenytoin, which was presented at last week’s AAN meeting.
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