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Old Drug Performs New Trick

In what may be the first demonstration of myelin repair in people with multiple sclerosis, an old antihistamine shows modest improvement in the function of chronically demyelinated optic nerves.
Thanks in part to a close collaboration between a scientist and a physician, the prospect of...
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MS Research Roundup: 27 February 2016

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FDA Fast-Tracks PPMS Drug Review; Molecular Target Runs Out of Air; Happy Accidents in the Lab; New Twist on Patient-Powered Research
Items of interest to multiple sclerosis researchers from around the Web...
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Taking Studies of Sex Differences to the Next Level

Rhonda Voskuhl
It is now over a year since the announcement of a new National Institutes of Health policy to encourage...
Multiple sclerosis affects about three times more women than men, but pregnancy can protect against relapses, and MS in men tends to worsen faster. These naturally occurring sex differences could lead to new treatments—if they don’t stall on the way to the clinic.
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